Each Syndicate Ownership valued at £31,500 per 16/64ths share. 

Offered at £24,500 per share for settlement before 31 December 2018.


Pre-market launch price (valid to 30 November 2018) - £19,500 subject to 50% deposit prior to 30 November 2018 and balance prior to 31 December 2018.  Note: as soon as price is paid in full, new syndicate members can use Iroko for designated weeks.


Prospective syndicate owners must satisfy the original owner that they are sufficiently experienced to meet standard marine insurance requirements.


This Border Minstrel advertisement was published in 1966 but, before you think our syndicate prices are extortionate, we should point out that £6,750 in 1966 is equivalent to £87,916 in today's money!

Notes on Valuation


Value of Iroko with all equipment, tender, etc     £54,000

16/64ths of value                                                           £13,500


Annual costs                                                    £12,000

Annual cost per syndicate member                    £  3,000

Annual saving per syndicate member                 £  9,000


Capitalised value of annual saving per member (2 YP)        £18,000


Total Value of Syndicate Membership                           £31,500


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